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Gene Sequencing

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The Gene Sequencing Department at Inventta Path Labs is a medical science department that develops a healthcare professional with outstanding skills to perform laboratory analyses in all departments of a clinical/medical laboratory, using samples from the human body.

Gene sequencing is the process to identify the base nucleotides in an organism's DNA. The gene sequencing studies the structure of cloned genes & whole genomes with the aim of determining the order of four bases –adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine-in a DNA strand. The key methods used for testing the gene sequencing are chemical cleavage method and Enzymatic method. In chemical cleavage, the radioactive labeling at one end & purification of the DNA fragment is sequenced and tested. The enzymatic method of gene sequencing is based on the ability of DNA polymerase to extend primer, after hybridized to a template that it is to be extensive until a chain-termination nucleotide is incorporated.

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